What is international forwarding?

The term “international shipping” means sending cargo and goods, and/or personal belongings, from country to country. There are different types of cargo, such as whole or partial containers (smaller in value and weight than a full container), personal belongings needing relocation, business cargo, etc.

The forwarder, or the shipping company, is the entity that carries out the complicated logistics of international shipping for importers and exporters, or for private clients.

Who is the Forwarder?

The forwarder, or shipping company, is bound by a contract to transfer the goods from the origin country to the destination country, as is detailed on the BOL (Bill of Lading), which the transporter manufactures. Since this is a paid service, the transporter must have both a license and authorization from Customs to deal in international shipping, according to the Customs Law (5725) – 4991.

International forwarding is a significant part of international trade, especially regarding the complex processes of import/export. Therefore, it is important that every detail be taken into account, along with all the relevant articles that relate to international forwarding.

International forwarding offers three ways of transporting goods:

The first way is the least expensive, and that is sea freight. The second is air freight. And the third is using land transportation. Sometimes, a combination of the three is needed in order for the cargo to reach its destination.

Before deciding on the best way to transfer cargo, we consider parameters such as: Weight, volume, urgency of reaching the destination, etc.


International Forwarding in the Business World

It is well known in the business world that time is money. Large and small importers and exporters, as well as private clients, use international forwarding companies to transport cargo and goods in the fastest and most inexpensive way.

Exporters and importers are required, in each and every deal they make, to provide their customers at the destination country with the goods according to a certain contract. They have to remain in accordance to the set schedule, with no delays or mishaps. Since there is constant growth in international trade, many international forwarding and customs broking companies were established in Israel and around the world. It is very important to carefully consider the company you choose to work with. 

What to Consider in Choosing a Reliable International Forwarding Company?

The transported goods are valuable to each and every client. In order to ensure, both in exporting and importing, that your goods will reach the set destination in the fastest, most secure and inexpensive way, it is important that the international forwarding company be reliable, professional, diligent and have extensive experience. You want a company that can provide solutions to any possible issue, in no time.
An international forwarding company that is professional, with extensive experience and a glowing reputation, can consult and assist the importer, exporter, and private client in choosing the most suitable transport method for each specific shipment. That, while also taking into account the contracts and obligations of the client and its customers.
The knowledge a good international forwarding company provides its clients with also provides peace of mind and a sense of reliability and security, knowing that you are taken care of in the most professional way possible. 

Shipping to and from Israel with Haya Bar - International Forwarding

Haya Bar International Trading and Forwarding is headed by Haya Bar, an international forwarder (code 435) that specializes in importing, exporting, international forwarding and customs broking since 1977.

Haya Bar International Trading and Forwarding is a one-stop shop. It provides importers, exporters, and private clients with professional services and personal care, everything related to international forwarding, customs broking, and connections with relevant suppliers worldwide.

Prior to the cargo leaving the origin country to its destination, our clients enjoy professional and reliable customer service, as we provide them with all the necessary information in order to select the best transportation and shipping methods. As part of the process, we use classification and evaluation services, to estimate the best forwarding method for the specific goods, both in export and import. In addition, we provide both packaging and storing services, and cargo insurance, upon request.


At Haya Bar International Trading and Forwarding, we are always ready to carefully transport your cargo to its destination in a personal, dedicated, and professional manner, while maintaining competitive prices.


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