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If you are interested in importing from China to Israel, you need to know that payment terms are very strict. Most Chinese deals are conducted with no credit. The importer is expected to pay a lot of money, since Chinese factories do not have liquid capital, which is why they don’t provide purchasers with credit options. The deal is usually conducted with an advance payment, with the balance to be paid once the goods leave China, using a letter of credit for immediate pay.

Sometimes, various issues may occur. For example – when you are already working with a specific supplier there might be inconsistencies when it comes to quality. This does not mean that all Chinese suppliers act this way, but you should be aware of such a possibility.

The process of importing can be daunting and difficult, but when conducted in the right manner it can be light and even amusing. In order to create a fast and smooth importing process, the importer should pose two reliable and professional qualities:

  • International Forwarder: The moment the deal is closed between the importer and supplier, the forwarder enters the picture and works on gathering the goods, marking the packages and placing them into the containers, and transporting them to the shipping location. There, the container will be loaded onto the ship with the required documentation.
  • Customs Broker: Once the shipment arrives in Israel, the customs broker works quickly and efficiently to release the goods.


Haya Bar International Trading and Forwarding provides its clients with both international forwarding and customs brokering services. For example:

When importing from China, the company must know that payment terms are very strict. There’s almost no acceptance of credit, purchase is conducted with advance payments of 30%, with the balance expected upon shipment of goods. There are also quality issues, and other problems the company should be aware of. Using a good trading company can ease these complicated situations, and save the importer many headaches.

How to Use the Services of Trading Companies in China

In order to reach reliable suppliers in China, it is recommended to use Chinese trading companies. Importing from China is very attractive, mostly due to the low production costs. Israeli traders, and other large companies, utilize the income potential of importing goods from China since the profitability is great.

Many containers travel between China and Israel. Mediating companies in China are very careful when it comes to the quality of goods, and they also care that the supplier will fulfill the agreed upon contract, signed with the importer. You are welcome to visit different exhibitions in China and Hong Kong in order to research possible goods to import to Israel.


When the Goods Reach Israel…


Usually, the importer knows when the cargo has arrived at the ports of Israel. The importer, using a customs brokering company that has sea and air shipment services, releases the goods from customs. The customs brokering companies also deal in many aspects of exporting goods. International forwarding companies, such as Haya Bar International Trading and Forwarding are experienced in releasing goods from customs on time. The documentation will be ready once the goods arrive, and our agent will release the goods from customs efficiently and with no bureaucratic fuss. Our agent will wait for the goods to arrive, and shorten the tiring process of releasing goods, with the warm and reliable service for which we are known.

Haya Bar International Trading and Forwarding notifies the importer regarding the expectancy of the ship’s docking in Israel. At the same time, the customs broker receives the same notice and readies himself to receive the goods.

Haya Bar International Trading and Forwarding is most experienced when it comes to international forwarding and customs brokering. We have vast experience when it comes to preparing the release documentation before the shipment arrives, thus ensuring a fast release. Our customers enjoy a quick and reliable process, and receive their goods on time with great service throughout the process.




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