Customs Broking

Customs Broking

Companies that provide customs broking services, in fact, wish to organize the cargo transport through customs. Up until a few years ago, customs broking services meant sending a broker to be present as the cargo reaches the country of destination. Nowadays, customs broking companies operate to process the necessary forms and documentation in order to allow goods to reach the destination with no delays.

A company that provides customs broking services is required to charge minimum rates as are set by law. Furthermore, lower rates are possible in the case of an existing contract with a certain airline, dependent on the airline company. The more cargo sent by the same client, the lower the rate.

Customs Broker’s Role and Responsibility

A custom broker is responsible for the following:

  • Classifying and evaluating  goods, both in exporting and importing, prior to the shipment departure from the origin country.
  • Consult on matters such as trade agreements and defining the origin of the goods, and for different trade agreements on which the state of Israel is signed.
  • Serve as a body of knowledge into international treaties on which the state of Israel is signed, such as: Customs agreement, A.T.A. Carnet and T.I.R., Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), wood packaging materials, spiritual assets, etc.
  • Mastering  the security requirements different western countries adopted as counter terrorism policies.
  • Provide accurate and suitable goods classification, according to their use and the law; these also define the tax rates.
  • Preparing required documentation for each shipment, according to the type of goods, and submitting these to customs.
  • Customs’ taxes and fees payment.
  • Close accompaniment throughout the process, until the release of goods from customs.
  • Goods storage when required.
  • Coordinating land transportation from the port to the customers.

Conduct Research on the Customs Broking Companies

You should conduct research on several different customs broking companies. The management of each company that deals in import or export must ensure that they receive the best possible service and price. Haya Bar International Trading and Forwarding, with over 35 years of experience in customs broking and international forwarding, provides you with optimal solutions for every need in the field. Haya Bar International Trading and Forwarding has been working with exporting and importing companies all over the world. We have vast experience both in sea and air freight, and also work with well-known companies in Israel.

Storage and Packaging of Goods

Haya Bar International Trading and Forwarding provides its customers with storage and packaging services. We also provide clients with goods insurance, including full compensation if the goods were damaged during transportation.

A company that offers customs brokering is required to have knowledge of the classifications of different goods. This sets the customs rate. Haya Bar International Trading and Forwarding has been working in the field for many years, and has the required experience in the different processes and issues that might occur, along with the best methods of dealing with such issues. If you require a reliable customs brokering company, you are always welcome to consult us.


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